“I have worked in hospitality for approximately twenty years which means late nights and doing all the things I’m not supposed to do. Ysanne took a very caring approach and equipped me with the skills I need to be more organised. Her meal suggestions are easy to follow and have helped me prepare for a busy and hectic schedule. I found the live blood analysis really valuable. I highly recommend her as she sets realistic expectations and doesn’t judge”. (Restaurant/Nightclub Manager)


“Finally I have found someone who doesn’t take the ‘hippy approach’ and tell me to stop doing everything I enjoy. Ysanne took the time to understand my concerns and assist in gradually getting my health back on track. She is very professional and an expert in analysing blood. She provided me with useful information and a comprehensive report”. (Investment Banker)


“I have struggled with emotional eating and the inability to lose weight for most of my life. Ysanne took a very sensitive approach to me and has given me information to help me understand food and what it does to my body. I’m losing weight each week and my energy has increased. I recommend her to anyone who needs ongoing support”. (Stay at home Mum)