About Me

Ysanne Holt | FOUNDER


Having grown up in Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia, I was exposed to an abundant variety of fruits, vegetables and seafood. Together, my surroundings and love for food fused into a passion for experimental cooking. I also spent time living in Thailand where I fell in love with traditional Asian health beliefs and healing practices. After many years practicing as a primary school teacher, I decided that educating people about health and wellness is my true passion, and brings me the most fulfilment.

My mission is to help you balance your lifestyle, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, using food and holistic measures as your medicine.


Connecting the Dots: I have been trained to read between the lines and peel back the layers in order to get to the root of the cause. This is often overlooked by most healthcare professionals. I’m vigilant of personality types and personal limitations and always work within my scope of practice.


Customised Protocols: Each treatment plan is designed for the individual. I am very well-educated in Asian cooking, vegetarian, vegan, raw foods, gluten free and detoxification regimes. I can work with your GP or other holistic practitioners to ensure you receive the best integrated care.


Consistently learning: I am constantly learning and trying to keep up-to-date on the wealth of information that is never-ending.  I accomplish this by attending domestic and international seminars and workshops. In complimentary medicine, information is never stagnant. I offer expert advice that is backed by both empirical and theoretical knowledge underpinned by evidence-based medicine.




Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition & Dietetic Medicine (Australia)

Accredited Practitioner ANTA: 21284

Bachelor of Education (Australia)

Darkfield Blood Analysis Specialist (Complementary Medical Association UK)